Celestial Knights

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Celestial Knights is a modified version of Star Wars Reality FUSS 1.3. It is known as the spiritual successor to DragonBall Series.

 DBS was created back around 1995 by Clifford 'Phyco' Brown, Benjamin 'Tzu/Goku' Peters and Moonraker.  While much of the original code does not exist the way it did than, some of the areas were ported over, and parts of the code were rewritten into Celestial Knights by Tzu.

Celestial Knights by name also started as a Circlemud game, back in 1999 created by Tzu.   After wanting to go in a different direction, Celestial Knights as it is today was born and created over the years.

The staff at CKMud hope you enjoy playing the game as much as they themselves enjoy creating it. Also feel welcome to offer your ideas, and suggestions to the staff

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