Celestial Knights

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The Shin-jins are born from magical fruits that grow off of the Kaiju trees. The average Shin-jin possesses special abilities that far surpass that of any sort of un-trained normal being. Shin-jins live leisurely lives, studying various things at a school-like castle. The lifespan of the basic Shin-jin is roughly 75,000 years, however the Shin-jin born from golden magical fruits can live for millions upon millions of years.

Whenever one of the Kai on the Kai planets passes away, the Shin-jins draw lots among themselves to choose who will take the Kai's place and become a new Kai. The Supreme Kais, however, are chosen only from among Shin-jins born from a special golden fruit that is particularly rare.

Occasionally, there are Shin-jins who are born evil. Those delinquent Shin-jins are cast into the Demon Realm ruled by Makaioshin, where they become Makaio and live secluded from civilizations.

  • SuperKai Transformation
  • Heal ability

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