Celestial Knights

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Inhabitants of Planet Kanassa, are said to possess psychic abilities, including being able to read minds and see into the future. Thus, Frieza orders their extermination out of paranoia that they could become a threat to him, or to simply use the planet's unique energy for himself. They are wiped out by Bardock's team, as Great Apes who attacked during a full moon.

In the TV special, Bardock and his crew were assigned by Frieza to exterminate all life forms of Planet Kanassa. Afterward, a remaining survivor named Toolo catches Bardock off-guard and gives him the ability to see the future. The Kanassan believes this will give him the ability to see the destruction of Planet Vegeta, and the entire Saiyan race with it, at the hands of the tyrant Frieza. Tora then disposes the weakened Toolo.

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